What is Neoprene?

Neoprene, also known as polychloroprene or pc-rubber, is a synthetic rubber developed by DuPont in 1930. It has found its way into a wide variety of applications. Probably the most well known commercial application is wetsuit manufacturing but you can find neoprene in other items too, like laptop covers, aprons, knee braces, and of course, neoprene gloves.


Neoprene is a great fit in glove coatings because of its water resistance and physical toughness. The chemical properties of Neoprene mean the coating will last longer than other natural or synthetic rubbers when exposed to heat, chemicals,oil and solvents.


The versatility of Neoprene allows it to be easily adopted by a number of job related applications. You'll find Neoprene gloves being used by dish washers and janitors in the foodservice industry, concrete workers, hazardous material cleanup, and chemical handling.