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Heavy Duty Industrial Safety Gloves

You lookin' for gloves, cause Excelco Safety has gloves. Gloves for every industry. We got impact gloves, heat resistant gloves, even gloves that allow you to still use your smartphone. You handling glass or sharp sheet metal cause Excelco has the cut resistant gloves to keep your hands from getting sliced up. Are you a welder looking for high quality welding gloves at a great price? Peep the IronCat line of welding gloves for quality that can't be matched. Are you a boss looking for bulk gloves for the best price? Excelco Safety has you covered. Contact one of our account reps today for a quote on bulk purchases of gloves. 

363 products found in Gloves

Wonder Grip WG-338 Thermo Plus Insulated Water Resistant Work Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $84.56


West Chester 713BLDD 3/4 Latex Dipped Water Resistant Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $32.94
  • $29.94
Wonder Grip WG-318 Aqua Water Resistant Latex Coated Work Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $64.45
West Chester 9916 Goat Skin, A7 Cut Resistant Driver Glove, Pair
  • From $30.24


West Chester 715SBP PosiGrip Coated Gloves, 12 Pair
  • $34.99
  • $29.16
Wonder Grip Air WG-540 Nitrile Coated Utility Work Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $46.44
Impact Glove, 87800 R2 Corded Palm, Neoprene Wrist, 6 Pair
  • $69.30
West Chester 89302, Extreme Work LocX-On Grip, Touchscreen Gloves, 6 Pair
  • $66.30
Wonder Grip Freeze Flex Plus WG-538, Sub Zero Work Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $105.84
Wonder Grip WG-310HY Comfort- Hi-Viz Yellow Double Coated Latex Palm Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $48.99
West Chester 715SNFTP PosiGrip Nitrile Foam Coated Gloves, 12 Pair
  • $34.45
West Chester 9120, Cut Resistant Impact Driver, 3 Pairs
  • $57.60
Wonder Grip Air Lite WG-550 Nitrile Coated Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $42.90
West Chester 994kotp, Pigskin Driver Glove, Thermal Lined, Orange Fingertips, - Dozen (12 pairs)
  • From $89.94
Coated Gloves, HVG700SLC, Fluorescent Lime Green, Black Latex Palm, 12PK
  • $19.48
Wonder Grip WG-380 Thermo, Double Latex Palm Cold Weather Work Gloves, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $65.85
Ironcat Welding Gloves, 9051, Insulated, Double Reinforced Thumb, 12 Pair
  • From $119.95
West Chester 700SLC, Blue Latex Coated String Knit Gloves, 12 Pair
  • $18.99
West Chester 700SLCE, Blue Latex Coated String Knit Gloves, 12 Pair
  • $15.99
West Chester 715SNFFB PosiGrip Full Nitrile Dipped Water Resistant Gloves, 12 Pair
  • $27.54
Coated Gloves, HVG710SNF, Barracuda® Cut Force, A8 Cut Resistant, Nitrile, Dozen (12 pairs)
  • $88.56
OnWest Chester 713WHPTND Water Resistant Winter Gloves, 12 Pair ANSI A4 Cut Resistant
  • $93.95
West Chester 9110, Goat Skin Leather Driver, A4 Cut Resistant, 12 Pair
  • $138.60
West Chester 720DGU, A2 Cut Resistant HPPE Gloves, Polyurethane Coated, 12 Pair
  • $49.95