What is nitrile?

Nitrile, is a synthetic, latex free rubber that has a higher puncture resistance than latex and vinyl gloves. Nitrile is also a superior alternative to latex when allergies are a concern.


There are different grades of disposable nitrile gloves. There are industrial grade nitrile gloves that are typically thicker, somewhere in the 5-8 mil range, that are perfect for mechanics that want to keep oils off their hands but also want to maintain the sensitivity and feel of working barehanded. Exam grade nitrile gloves are also quickly becoming the standard disposable glove in the non-surgical medical field due to their higher puncture resistance and allergy free properties. To be considered exam grade, the gloves must meet 21 CFR 800.20 which is closely aligned with ASTM standards. Additionally, the manufacturing facilities of exam grade nitrile gloves must be registered with the FDA and receive a 510K certification


Nitrile is a natural fit for glove coatings as well. Nitrile coatings are incredibly durable with a high resistance to oils and other chemicals. The rubbery feel provides extraordinary grip in wet and oily applications like parts recycling, plumbing and material handling.


Nitrile coated gloves have a higher resistance to abrasion than latex or PU (polyurethane) coated gloves. Nitrile is great for cold applications also. It is less brittle in extreme cold and it maintains its natural flexibility so it doesn't get crunchy.