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FallTech vertical lifelines are tested to comply with current ANSI standards and built for a wide range of workplaces. FallTech has worked hard to make sure that when you need to be connected, you have the right equipment for the job.

3 products found in Vertical Lifelines

SuretyMan Edge Roller, Aluminum, Vertical Lifeline Rope Protector. Each
  • $344.52
FallTech 7016 Harness; 8150 Vertical Lifeline, 8368 Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Trailing Grab; 7372 Pass- through Sling Anchor
  • $210.70
FallTech 7015 Harness; 8149 Vertical Lifeline, 8353LT Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Manual Grab; 7444 Roof Anchor
  • $149.94